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Why did the Son of God come? Why did the Father send him? What did he and John the Baptist mean when they told others that the Kingdom of God was near them or at hand?


Well I read that our Messiah came to make us "one" with himself by being, and bearing truth in order to reconcile us back to God, the Father. This was Father God's plan of salvation for mankind from the foundation of the world, the very beginning. Yeshua explained to Pilate only hours before He would die on a tree why He was sent here, as recorded in John 18:37, He said:

 "The reason I have been born, the reason I have come into the world, is to bear witness to the truth. Every one who belongs to the truth listens to me."

This is why the Lord made it clear, even as a young boy, that he was about his Father's business, not his own. And it is clear that it is Father who sent Him, Father who sentenced Him to death, and Father who gave our Savior the power to be raised from the dead. It is also Father who has rewarded him for his obedience and he, Messiah Yeshua is now seated at the right hand side of the Father. It is also Father who is the only one who knows the time he will send His Son back to the earth realm for the culmination of the eternal plan. It is clear that "The Kingdoms of the world will become the Kingdoms of our LORD and His Messiah."

But did Father send His only begotten Son so we can get lost in the illusion that because we say His name, we are safe? If that were so, Yeshua (Jesus) himself would not have said-
"Not everyone who says to me Lord, Lord!" will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, only those who do what my Father in Heaven wants. On that Day (Day of the Lord), many will say to me "Lord, have we not prophesied in your name? and in your name didn't we cast out demons, and in your name do wonderful works? And then I will say to them, I never knew you: depart from me you who practice lawlessness."   (Matthew 7:21)
And, Yeshua would not have said that it is only those "who endure(s) to the end" who will be saved. (Matthew 24:13)

Moreover, if it were just about calling him Lord, he would not have asked, "Why do you call me Lord and you don't do what I say?" Simply calling him Lord may sound good and righteous, but doing what he says is more like it. This is what is required of us.  And doing what the Savior says is doing what the Father says because the Son only tells us what comes directly from his and our Heavenly Father. Obedience is the key. Obedience keeps us on the hard road that leads to life.  Real in the everlasting.