Melodies with the Word: "Why the Fear of the LORD?"

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"When I told a few of my siblings in the LORD about “Melodies with the Word,” they loved the idea. I was then questioned as to why I chose “The Fear of the LORD” as the first subject.  What about Praise? What about Love? Well, I can say with assurance, this message was definitely given to me by the Spirit of the LORD, and I believe it’s because it takes us back to basics."   - "Why the Fear of the LORD?" p. 1,  paragraph 1

I am truly elated about this Book which I pray will help bring greater understanding to the Fear of God subject.  There are many Believers in the Kingdom of God who have not even heard the phrase "Fear of the LORD" - let alone knowing what it means. In today's culture, many of us can see that the Fear of God is definitely missing!  The waywardness, even within the congregations,  the fact that we, the children of God, sadly wink at sin rather than wholeheartedly hate it as the Word says we should, is reason enough to remind us of the perpetual requirement (Deuteronomy 10:12-13) to Fear the LORD .

Now before anyone says within himself or herself, "That's Old Testament teaching...," you will see and understand by the Word of the LORD in this Book, that the Fear of the LORD is Alive and Well in the Messianic Teachings (New Testament). In other words, the Fear of the LORD was taught by Jesus (Yeshua) Himself!  Furthermore, as I mentioned in the book, El Chai, the Living God, does not change! 

In "Why the Fear of the LORD?" we recall the characteristics or attributes of God Almighty, what it means to fear Him,  why there is a need to walk in the Fear of the LORD, and what happens when we don't. We also give a biblically sound description of  the kind of person who does not fear God.   Moreover, we take an exciting voyage through Kingdom history revisiting the lives of the saints of old, as they were the pioneers of walking in the Fear of the LORD and have set examples for us to learn from.  There are  modern-day, post-biblical testaments included  as well,  to encourage and challenge all of us in our walk with God.

It is my prayer that by the Spirit of God through this book, every reader will be inspired or reinspired to live as the early Believers lived (Acts 9:31) ... earnestly walking in the Fear of the LORD!

"Why the Fear of the LORD?" was written in conjunction with the "Melodies with the Word: 'Why The Fear of the LORD?' " music compact disc.

Much Love, Wisdom, and Understanding,

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